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Lockout Tagout Devices

To prevent the unexpected from occurring - serious injury, or death - an energy control program must be implemented before servicing, repairs, maintenance, or the set-up of machines, and equipment. OSHA describes the standard as, "Employers must establish an energy control program, consisting of energy control procedures, employee training, and periodic inspections to ensure that before service and maintenance is performed, machines and equipment that could unexpectedly startup, become energized, or release stored energy, are isolated from their energy source(s) and rendered safe [29 CFR 1910.147(a)(3)(i); (c)(1)]."

In order to create a successful safety program, review these seven steps to ensure your company has an effective lockout/tagout program. The program identifies products used to achieve a safe working environment, such as STOPOUT® products, tags, labels, signs, and everything else you may need to promote safety in the workplace.

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 - Potable Water Cooler Tape
As Low As$10.95
 - STOPOUT® Group Lock Hasp
As Low As$15.17
 - Portable Group Lockout Box
As Low As$100.93
 - Group Lockout View Boxes
As Low As$103.95
 - Ball Valve Lockouts
As Low As$32.47
 - Look 'n Stop Group Lock Box
As Low As$77.84
 - Glad Hand Trailer Lockouts
As Low As$32.54
 - Plastic Padlock Wire Seals
As Low As$55.88
 - Aluminum Hasps
As Low As$4.15
 - Loop Hasp
As Low As$4.88
 - Plastic Loop Seals
As Low As$53.93
 - Gate Valve Lockouts
As Low As$22.19
 - Secure Tag Seal
As Low As$65.33
 - Power Cord Plug Lockout
As Low As$23.31
 - STOPOUT ® Tab Tag
As Low As$30.95
 - Padlock Cover Labels
As Low As$36.33
 - Hinge Style Plug Lockout
As Low As$18.71
 - Water Cooler Tether Lockout
As Low As$44.92
 - Padlock Shelf Racks
As Low As$23.12
 - Write-On Secure Seals
As Low As$128.57
 - Ball Valve Lockouts
As Low As$99.08
 - Lockout Box Kit
As Low As$149.08